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The strength and beauty of the Russian woman has much of its origins in the Soviet past. The restraint and brevity inherent in the Soviet period are as relevant today as ever, and the RUWO brand is just about timeless beauty and comfort.


Nouvoir studio provides a comprehensive approach to project development from branding to interior design. The aim of the integrated approach is to make your business stand out on the market and harmonise all elements with each other.

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Date of project implementation: 2023

The Brandbook is a guide that you should rely on when positioning the RUWO brand on the market. Here you will find not only a description of the brand identity, but also the concept of external and internal communication and ideology. The brandbook will help you to identify key brand identifi- cators, standardise the visual design of the brand, define positioning for various communications and use the corporate identity correctly. Therefore, the brandbook contributes to maintaining the integrity of the company at all levels and allows you to increase brand loyalty among potential customers.


Not married


24 - 40 years old


More than 10 times

From 5 to 10 times

Less than 5 times


At the beginning of work on the brandbook, we developed the brand concept itself, after which we provided the client with several variants of the logo. The simple, laconic version became a complete representation of the brand vision.

The logo and its elements can serve as a profile image for social media avatars.


The photo style will further define the visual image of the cards - postcards, which are part of every online order/offline purchase and are created to increase brand loyalty.

Additional, even small gifts / cards - postcards form a long-term positive attitude of the customer towards the company. The customer will be ready to come back for a new purchase, feeling special and knowing that they are appreciated. RUWO cards are laconic, visually pleasing and made of tactile quality paper, which emphasises the brand's careful attitude to the customer.

Envelopes are made of high quality dense cardboard. Laconic design and pleasant colour scheme of printed products are a reflection of the company's policy, and also increase the loyalty of the client, who already feels attached to the company's products, easily makes repeated purchases and feels satisfied with his choice every time.


RUWO commercial account has a clearly distinguished structure, a ribbon designed in a uniform colour scheme. The way the photos are laid out is diverse. Content posts on various topics related to RUWO style, trends and of course RUWO also increase interest in the brand.

The presence and quality of sales content in social networks has a significant impact on the commercial component of the business.


Branded bags are an important component in creating a company's corporate style. Here and below are two variants of the visual image of this promotional product.  The first variant is more budgetary, as the bags are made of white kraft paper with a printed image on top. 

A package with a black and white photo of the Soviet era and a contrasting logo contributes to the company's recognisability, attracts customers and helps to position the brand correctly on the market.

The second variant of this promotional product is is a bag made of dense grey cardboard with fabric handles. The RUWO logo in black or red colour is printed on the bag.


Branded packaging is not a method of aggressive promotion - it does not impose goods and services, calling for their immediate purchase. 

One way to package a product is to use kraft paper (which is very easy to customise), which in turn can increase loyalty to the company. 

Brand recognition is also positively influenced by the presence of a sticker with the company's logo, which staples the kraft paper.


Labels are used for labelling clothes, they are an important detail of every RUWO product. The labels are made of textured natural cotton (milk colour).  The cotton label and the high quality compound are practical and durable, an indication of the brand's attention to detail.

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Packaging is becoming an integral part of selling RUWO jewellery. Beautiful decoration increases the value of the products and enriches the shopping experience. RUWO uses flexible packaging that is cost-effective and environmentally friendly - namely fabric bags with the brand logo and black fabric ties. The material for the product can be woollen, linen or dense cotton, similar to that used for RUWO labels and compounds.



RUWO brand provides stylists - consultants with a uniform, which consists of a white basic T-shirt with the company logo and universal comfortable trousers of natural shades, comfortable shoes of beige or white colour. This approach allows the client to quickly distinguish the stylist from the customers and turn to him for help.


Despite the development of digital technologies, the emergence of new advertising formats, one of the main ways of effective advertising remains advertising on billboards. It is a universal way to reach a wide audience. 


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RUWO's interior design concept is based on laconic colours and modern interior elements that are in harmony with the Soviet past. It is very important not just to create a Soviet interior or a rough loft, but to find that middle ground where modern women and girls will feel comfortable.

A distinctive feature of RUWO is the work with professional stylists - consultants. The aim of the company is to provide high quality service. Stylists - consultants will help the client to choose clothes, shoes and accessories, to create a whole, harmonious image.


Address: Solaris Shopping Centre, Moscow, Russia

Date of project implementation: 2022

Project Area: 100 sq. m

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Glass blocks in Soviet interiors were truly an element of luxury and design. That is why they occupy an honourable place in RUWO's design concept. Between the two glass blocks we install lighting, which allows us to make the checkout area bright and stylish without overloading the space. Adding the Soviet past to a modern interior adds charm to the space and makes it memorable.

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